Cities depend on having many forms of manufacturing nearby, while some manufacturers are dependent on the rich economic base provided by cities their viability. Part of the current erosion of manufacturing in cities, is due to the lack of a clear narrative that stresses the relevance of city facing manufacturing. Here will help structure a narrative for urban manufacturing which can be translated into policy or used to found a local economic vision in which manufacturing has a clear place. This narrative is built around four needs met by city-oriented manufacturing. Firstly, it can help sustain a thriving economy by creating local work, developing export products and providing an important base for services. Secondly, it can stimulate innovation by turning technical skill and ideas into prototypes, or prototypes into product ranges. Thirdly, it can be an essential vehicle for addressing climate change and environmental impacts through more efficient technology, providing the means to repair or improve existing technology and to turn local waste into new products. Finally, manufacturing fosters economic and social inclusion by providing low barrier jobs, a diversity of work conditions and accessible opportunities for entrepreneurship.