Greenbizz – a mixed use site developed by Citydev.

Innovative solutions for accommodating industry in cities can stumble if commercial developers are not willing to take them on. Public actors can prove concepts and encourage the market to develop.

Demonstrating new approaches to real estate development is the Brussels region’s development agency, an independent but publicly owned organisation. It is charged with showcasing new development priorities and developing spatial solutions which would not currently be attractive to the mainstream development market. They have three areas of focus: housing, mixed use and industrial space.  

In the last decade industrial space has become increasingly scarce in Brussels, however Citydev have demonstrated through their developments that there is significant demand for this space, particularly for industrial sites between 200-1000m2. In recent years, they have led by example by implementing new industrial intensification and colocation measures which allow housing to be built above industrial zones. This has performed an important function as local commercial developers were reluctant to take the risk of stepping into this new territory. 

In a city such as Brussels, where around two thirds of the construction market is dominated by large developers, Citydev can prove that change is not only feasible but profitable. This removes a large amount of risk in materialising innovative ideas. 

Stakeholders:  Regional institutions (Perspective, Brussels Environment, HUB, Social Housing agency, education institutions), future building occupants.