Case study report:  London Borough of Haringey

Case study report: London Borough of Haringey

Well integrated industrial sites are important for ensuring that businesses with noise, odour or logistics issues do not affect residential areas. Haringey is a borough home to a number of such industrial sites.

Haringey is representative of small, low-density, inner-city industrial zones which are embedded into their neighbourhoods.  With the growth of demand for housing and the increasing of land prices, sites like those found in Haringey are under serious threat from gentrification.

The totality of the companies analysed in the Borough of Haringey (including but not limited to the companies within the focus areas) can be categorised into different industrial trades and industrial activities. For this study, thirteen industrial trades have been considered. The following subsections provide detail on the company categorisation into industrial trades and activities. Firstly, the totality of the selected manufacturing companies is presented, followed by the categorisation of the interviewed companies. The report then presents a breakdown for relevant aspects per industrial trade, mainly based on the 19 interviewed companies.

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